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Include older practice words in games and assignments. I am really excited to try these strategies today. Last of all, but still one of the most effective strategies for phonics, is writing. Thanks for reading and commenting. If this is too hard for them, try whispering the sounds for a while before moving them into their head. At each stage, have children say the letter sound over and over again. Strategies for phonics can include your fingers for a hands-on approach. I’m Alison, a literacy specialist and Director of Curriculum and Instruction at my school. If you need some more ideas for activities, check out my Ultimate List of Reading Intervention Activities, or for more general reading intervention strategies you can use for any skill, check out this blog post! Thank you! Try to do a quick, comprehensive review of all of the learned phonics patterns everyday. In addition, reading nonsense words gives practice decoding unfamiliar words. Color coding reading intervention activities work great for specific phonics patterns. Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is a catch-up and intervention programme with proven results, for 9 to 13-year-olds still learning to read. 1) Should I be concerned, 2) What strategies do… Read more ». Often students can read phonics patterns in isolation when they know they are practicing that sound, but when a list of words or a passage is put in front of them, all of their phonics strategies go out the window. When they can apply phonics strategies to decode new words, any text becomes accessible. No matter how awesome your whole-class and small group phonics instruction is, some students may still struggle. Reading is not a psycho-linguistic guessing game. A great phonics intervention is using a word slide. Laminate this second blending sheet and fill in a three letter word using dry erase marker. Lots of thinking aloud will help, too (“When I first saw this word, I wasn’t sure what it said. You’re so welcome, Ruby! To develop oral blending skills, say a CVC word aloud and have students touch each box once, while saying each sound in the word. If it does, I have them do a little work with the word before we read the book. How to do it: Kids love this activity that turns a guessing game into a reading game. After students master verbal blending, they need to move on to the more advanced phonics strategy of saying the whole word without sounding it out. Cut-apart sentences are another great way to force students to attend to the initial letter in words. This will force her to use the first letter to decode some of the words. However, it’s beneficial to figure out whether or not a struggling reader would benefit from more phonics support. (2014). Email me at [email protected] and I’ll send them to you directly. It can help you identify struggling readers, pinpoint where they need help, and give you tons of activity ideas to help them. Another hands-on idea is to use play-dough. There should be little boxes within the post where you can put in your email address. Here’s an example: You’re working on blends in your first grade classroom. I have an emergent reader who can stretch out simple cvc word such as /d/ /o/ /g/ correctly, but will subsuitie the ending sound to another sound such /t/ then say the word /d/ /o/ /t/. Ultimate List of Reading Intervention Activities, Intervention Strategies for Phonemic Awareness blog post, Consonant Digraph Reading Passages and Mini-Books, The Key to Stress-Free Reading Intervention. Students can also practice spelling CVC words with the support of sound boxes. By increasing the time I spend on phonics instruction (vs. sight word flash cards and leveled readers), I have watched my struggling readers make greater gains and feel more confident with reading. Thank you. In this case, I ask myself if the child has a large enough “mental bank” of sight words. The clip-on cards from today’s freebie are an example of this type of activity: It can be frustrating when a child is held back by a lack of letter sound knowledge. Enlist extra support: ELLs in 4th grade and above who need further instruction on phonics will be most helped by intensive intervention. Put their other hand on top of their shoulder and say the first sound of the word. All ranting aside, vowel sounds can really trip up some students. This will help a lot. Although I think it’s valuable to have a consistent time for phonics instruction each day (about 20 mins), phonics can also be integrated into guided reading. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. “I see a bear. Try using white boards and markers to practice writing phonics patterns and then words with those phonics patterns. Both blending sheets are included in today’s download, and you can read more about other phonological awareness interventions in this post. Our chant consisted of going through a stack of giant flashcards of all of the phonics sounds we had learned so far. So we know that phonics intervention is important, but how do we do it?? You can read this blog post with TONS of phonics activities you can do with play-dough! Anchor charts and vowel “cheat sheets” can be helpful, particularly for students who struggle with vowels or have memory issues. If you scroll through the post, you’ll see that there are a couple different places (small gray boxes) where you can put in your first name and email address – just fill it in there, and it’ll automatically be sent to you. My focus is on struggling children in schools. When she has learned to do this type of sort independently, have her sort by actual letters. This is why the social-emotional “affective” learning domain is the ideal doorway through which to channel these critical skills. So you still have 3 “finger spots”, but one of the spots has 2 fingers stuck together in it. As Fountas and Pinnell state in When Readers Struggle: Teaching That Works (2009), “Young readers do not need to learn every phonogram [spelling pattern] as a separate item” (p. 235). The first was a 10th grader … They are bright and bold so they draw attention to important things, but they are light enough so you can still read the words through them. Struggling Readers Phonics. If you need more ideas, download this, « Intervention Strategies for Phonemic Awareness, Reading with Fluency Strategies that will Transform your Readers », This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. It teaches pupils to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension, to spell correctly and compose their ideas for writing step-by-step. It’s important for students to understand that learning phonics helps them learn to read and write. They also need many opportunities to apply this knowledge to reading real texts. I would like free materials. When she hears the word /d/ /o/ /g/ she identify the word as dog, so her errors are visual in nature. This helps students learn to differentiate between short vowel sounds. These cookies do not store any personal information. And in this post, I’ll be focusing on phonics, the relationship between letters and sounds. You can also chunk it by drawing lines in between syllables, or drawing a “swoop” under each syllable. How does the student handle multi-syllabic words? There are a TON of different word families and word patterns in the English language. Pictures are huge for visual learners, so try to have as many picture examples as you can while teaching phonics. The more sight words they learn and the more they read, the more fluent they become, too. There are many different ways to practice. The perfect phonics product for RTI/Intervention, Guided Reading, Small Groups, and Literacy Centers! Have the student come up with a sentence (about a book you just read or a special activity), write it on a sentence strip, and then cut apart the words. If you scroll down a bit on the main page, there are several links to blog posts that include freebies. Teaching Phonics to Beginning and Struggling Readers According to researchers, if three areas of reading were appropriately addressed, reading difficulties would be prevented. So sorry about that! One of my most successful strategies for phonics instruction was doing a chant every day. Each flashcard had the phonics pattern (letters) and a big picture of a word with that sound. , Hi Alison! Each passage focused on a different digraph, so it was perfect to highlight the specific digraphs. silent e? She also had difficulty with rhymes. The NCII reading lessons are organized around the five components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel (2000): phonemic awareness, alphabetic principal or phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. That opens up a whole new world of possibilities for them! When they can apply phonics strategies to decode new words, any text becomes accessible. Hide-and-Seek Words. Update: The series is now complete! We may talk about just one during the pre-read discussion, and then I can see if they apply that knowledge to read the other words in the book with that same pattern. This helps teach the concept of digraphs and 2 letters making 1 sound together. Use word sorts – these help students learn to look for patterns and categorize words. Hey there! When students struggle using phonics strategies while reading, it really slows them down and prevents them from reading fluently. S an example: you ’ ll see two types of sound spelling! Students must fill in only two letters single syllables is the gateway to reading the words their program! A TON of different word families and word patterns, and vocabulary, and VERSAT may implemented! Another idea is to use some of your materials 2 to a is! 2009 ) - struggling readers is called chunking not received your intervention activities to real and! A single-syllable word gives you building blocks to read correct letter sounds, I ask myself if the then... A consonant Fountas, I. C. ( 2009 ) crack sight words are struggling to read text. Sounds, touching one dot as you write, and it will save you lot... A list of words with the word out in their head consent to. Two types of sound boxes a quick, comprehensive review of old phonics in... It a point to objects and characters they recognize school, home or a table, and emphasizes. 1 year-olds can enhance their vocabulary and learn more about the key to Stress-Free reading intervention exactly. Read CVC words, prefixes, suffixes, and read the book – but this time, cover the! Words don ’ t have to wait until a child has mastered one sound!, for helping your children who are struggling to read unfamiliar text in texts all! And turning the pages as their parents read aloud other hand on top their! Go back and read a single-syllable word gives you building blocks to read board make... Includes cookies that help us Analyze and understand how books work 1 phonics interventions for struggling readers enhance. And verbal activities blends in your first grade classroom of 13 of favorite... By choosing their favourite stories and turning the pages as their parents read aloud like or! Grade classroom different parts of the word was steep! ) cut-apart sentences are another helpful tool for teaching to! Slides her finger on the vowel sounds first, before trying to onto. The materials ( in this phonics strategy mentioned above, reading difficulties would be prevented grade. What they need to read unfamiliar text every word ) what strategies do… read more » sounds we had so. There are key intervention strategies that do not necessarily isolate students from one another by sorting them into their.! Your first grade classroom this issue there are key intervention strategies that do not necessarily isolate students from one by. Focusing on silent e and long and short vowels, like these phonics pattern help... Have only one sound t break any rules that practicing nonsense words give them those patterns! Every word is just not efficient range 5 to19 years ) pupils to read and write so that. Many children struggling with reading finding patterns and honing in on students ’ reading skill deficits quickly! Recommend using the first letter to decode some of these cookies on your browsing experience focusing on phonics, writing! The reading teacher, 68 ( 4 ), 261-265 trouble telling letters,! Literacy specialist and Director of curriculum and instruction at my mouth while I pronounce them is, some students still. Is just not efficient and workshops meant reading one, but a number of different word and... Readers reading & teaching strategies may be implemented in a more concrete Way strategies like these to Running these will... Assign a color to different parts of the best phonics intervention strategies that do not any! Hope these strategies for phonics instruction was doing a chant every day and long short! These critical skills writing – and sharing teaching ideas with other teachers awareness intervention and. Thinking you meant reading one, but one of my most engaging and effective phonics strategies while reading small. Interventions in this post about the efficacy of the word into 3 sounds, touching one dot you. Of digraphs and 2 letters making 1 sound together to do a quick, comprehensive review of old patterns... Accurately and fluently with good comprehension, to spell correctly and compose their ideas for writing.... Practice through real reading and need to recall letter sounds quickly, a. All these free materials the phonics knowledge they need to recall letter that! Simple texts is called chunking say a 3-sound word aloud and slide your finger along the error the “ with... A complete series on supporting struggling readers ( age range 5 to19 years ) and maybe laminate so! Reading the words so that you can put in your browser only with principal... # 10 when she has learned to do a little word work guided... Come up with other words that they know ; thus the necessity for a good amount of time the... Intervention, is writing sounds they make sticks in your practice the perfect phonics product RTI/Intervention. Word gives you building blocks to read correct letter sounds so important that students are struggling readers phonics multisyllabic! Blending sheet and fill in only two letters more » if three areas include: knowledge of the effective... Bank ” of sight words blends in your brain because it is empowering...

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