shenandoah university sports physical

shenandoah university sports physical

One particular pathway is developing a career that specializes in sports medicine. or. These credit hours may be completed over three consecutive terms (Track I-one year) or over 6 consecutive terms (Track II-two years). Foreign trained physical therapists who have documented practice experience of at least 6 months in the U.S. are also eligible to apply. Course                        Title    Credit Hours, AT       501     Risk Management and Emergency Care for Athletes        3, AT       511     Advanced AT Techniques    1, AT       521     Functional Human Anatomy I          2, AT       523     Therapeutic Exercise I         1, AT       531     Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury I  3, AT       552     Therapeutic Modalities        3, AT       504     Psychological Intervention/Referral In Athletic Training            3, AT       505     Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training        1, AT       562     Imaging in Athletic Training            1, AT       571     Sports Nutrition        3, AT       581     Clinical Field Experience I    4, AT       533     Clinical Medicine       3, AT       621     Functional Human Anatomy II        3, AT       653     Ethics/Professionalism in Athletic Training          2, AT       582     Clinical Field Experience II   4, AT       624     Therapeutic Exercise II        2, AT       631     Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury II 3, AT       643     Advanced Rehabilitation of Athletic Injury            3, AT       699     Casting and Bracing in Athletic Training    2, PT       603     Gross Human Anatomy I      4, PT       607     Examination and Intervention         4, PT       623     Histophysiological Aspects of Movement I            3, PT       643     Evidence-Based Practice:  Introduction to Research Design       3, PT       653     Professional Issues I             3, PT       604     Gross Human Anatomy II     4, PT       610     Musculoskeletal System I     3, PT       624     Histophysiological Aspects of Movement II           3, PT       656     Integrated Clinical Experience I      1, PT       672     Functional Neuroanatomy   3, PT       685     Psychosocial Aspects of PT Practice I         2, PT       694     Medical Fundamentals         1, PT       709     Musculoskeletal System II    3, PT       751     Integrated Clinical Experience II     1, PT       762     Clinical Conference II            1, PT       771     Adult Neurotherapeutics     4, PT       781     Gait Analysis and Biomechanics      3, PT       796     Evidence Based Practice I    1, AT       593     Clinical Field Experience III for Dual Degree MSAT/DPT            2, PT       703     Pediatric Physical Therapy 4, PT       710     Musculoskeletal System III   4, PT       734     Professional Issues II for Dual Degree DPT/MSAT          1, PT       752     Integrated Clinical Experience III    1, PT       797     Evidence Based Practice II   1, PT       890     Advanced Medical Fundamentals for Dual Degree DPT/MSAT  3, AT       594     Clinical Field Experience IV for Dual Degree MSAT/DPT            2, PT       753     Clinical Internship I   3, PT       744     Prosthetics and Orthotics     2, PT       821     Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy            3, PT       831     Professional Issues III          2, PT       861     Clinical Conference III          1, PT       893     Evidence Based Practice III 2, AT                   670                 Healthcare Administration               2, PT       832     Establishing a Physical Therapy Practice/Direct Access  3, AT       691     AT Clinical Field Experience V for Dual Degrees  6, AT       711     Theories and Practice of Conditioning Athletes    3, AT       774     Senior Seminar          1, PT       856     Culminating Clinical Experience      3, Athletic Training Clinical Field Experience Uniform $80. WFUBMC Sports Physical Therapy . Log In. The TDPT program is open to current U.S. licensed practicing physical therapists. NEW student-athletes | General Medical Form *These forms are required to attend SU and need be submitted to the Wilkins Wellness Center. You’ll benefit from small class sizes that enable faculty members to provide individualized attention and nurture your academic and professional development. 1.6K likes. Private School. The Hornets compete as members of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.Altogether, Shenandoah sponsors 22 sports: 11 for men and 11 for women. Physical therapy is a challenging and satisfying profession — one with many career pathways from which to choose. Shenandoah University Division of Physical Therapy. These credit hours may be completed over three consecutive terms (Track I-one year) or over 6 consecutive terms (Track II-two years). Shenandoah University. Previously, the Hornets were members of the USA South Athletic Conference Physical Therapist. No more than five Dual Degree DPT/MSAT students are admitted annually due to availability of clinical affiliation sites for this program. For those students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical therapy (Track III), a total of 20 credit hours must be earned at Shenandoah University over a 7 consecutive term period. Athletic Training The Division of Athletic Training (AT) kicked off National Athletic Training Month by hosting “A Day in the Life of an Athletic […], Bailey Dove and Camtran Huynh, both members of the SU PA Program class of 2020, were selected to be student representatives to the board of the Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA), a nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of 2.5 million people who live in rural Virginia.

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