kung fu panda 3 villain theme

kung fu panda 3 villain theme

Fun Gus | I just finished watching two again and it's a masterwork. A Cantonese version of "Kung Fu Panda 3", where Po the kung fu fighting panda is back in action, or so he thinks, when he reunites with his biological panda father. However, he dropped from the film due to unknown scheduling issues. Thimblenose Ted | We loved it. Powers/Skills Minion | Tai Lung is a tall, slender, muscular snow leopard with yellow eyes with golden irises, two teeth sticking out of the bottom of his mouth and whiskers that are shaped like a mustache. Seeing the damage Kai's obsession would cause, Oogway confronted his fallen friend in a fierce battle that shook the earth until finally, Oogway triumphed, banishing Kai's body and soul to the Spirit realm, forever. Type of Villain Beadle Bamford | Kung Fu Panda 3 is a 2016 computer-animated wuxia comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox worldwide and by Oriental DreamWorks in China. General Mandible | Vincent | My son, who is 9, enjoyed the story and thought the movie was very funny. Crimes ManipulationHigh intelligenceControls the mindsDevours soulsImmortalitySuperhuman strength Goals Any act of adding this villain to the Pure Evil category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this villain without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Fai Suan | Jackson Rippner | Kung Fu Panda 3 in comparison is....the music enhanced the movie and every scene is perfectly scored. The use of one of his chain blade swords takes an average warrior decades to fully master, whereas he has mastered the use of two blades without any flaws, thus providing proof of his superior combat abilities. Kung Fu Panda 2: Lord Shen | Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) Po the kung fu fighting panda is back in action, or so he thinks, when he reunites with his biological panda father. Teetsi | At first, Kai seems happy, having finally obtained the power for himself. Tong Fo | Kai comments that it's because he has taken and absorbed the chi of all the kung fu masters there and now has them on his belt as amulets and says he will soon have Oogway's chi too. Jurassic Park Villains | Temutai | However, this does not mean he cannot be destroyed. It has great animation, great music, and a great story. Despite Kai being a seemingly unstoppable force, he is not completely invincible or immortal. Nellie Lovett | Kai then realizes that Po's chi is too powerful for him to control as it is overloading his body against his will, much to his horror. However, when he taunts Po is trying to send him back to the spirit realm, Po realizes that if he can't send Kai there, he can take him there. The White Bone Demon, also known as The Voice in the Shadows or Baigujing, is the main antagonist of the second half of Season 1 of the 2018 Amazon Prime original Dreamworks series Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny. really great score, especially for a third installment of a franchise. The K-Pop Gang | In Chinese, the name "Kai" most often translates to "victory" (traditional Chinese: 凱 simplified Chinese: 凯; pinyin: Kai's voice actor, J.K. Simmons said that Kai will be "not happy about life in general", but will have a sense of humor, "even if it is a little bit dark". Hobby Colonel Cutter | Luca | Dr. Drago Bludvist | Heilang | Kung Fu Champion of Oogway (formerly)Evil spirit warrior Kai | When Kai says that after "Five hundred years in the spirit realm, you pick up a thing or two". Type of Villain When Crane enters, he discovers Kai behind him and sees that he has captured Mantis. Fai Suan | They can be proposed again (with the permission of an. The White Bone Demon, also known as The Voice in the Shadows or Baigujing, is the main antagonist of the second half of Season 1 of the 2018 Amazon Prime original Dreamworks series Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny. ... Kung Fu Panda 3 Soundtrack- Kai's theme - Duration: 3:47. Cetus | A drawing of Kai's face briefly appears on Po's bedroom wall with thrown ninja stars at it near the beginning of the first. Kai tells them a lot of himself, and they are still confused. This is another great animated film for the entire family, that will surely delight people of all ages. Kai says that with Oogway's chi, he can finally return to the mortal and carry out his plans and this time Oogway will not able to stop him. Great Gorilla | Junjie | Po jumps on Kai, grabs him around the neck and uses the Wuxi finger hold again, this time on himself, and sending them both to the spirit realm. Galactic Horde | The Horde (Catra, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia & Double Trouble) | Sharks (Frankie) | 1 Gallery 1.1 Images 1.1.1 Promotional 1.1.2 Kung Fu Panda 3 1.2 Videos Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Human Resistance (Dr. Emilia, Greta, Zane) | Kai attacking the Panda Village in the past. Kai throws out two jade blade, wraps their chain around Oogway and pulls the turtle over to him so he can steal his chi. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Po notices that some of the jade statues resemble past Kung Fu masters. Commodus | The duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters, but Po finds that he doesn`t fit in his new surroundings. Mr. Chew | Humming Bombers | Lamar Burgess | Dr. Bernard Merrick | Kung Fu Panda 3 Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzillapink. Henry Wu | Heilang | Tour Guide | Kai's theme music incorporates a Chinese remix of the Imagine Dragons song "I'm So Sorry". Odlulu | Mantah Corp, See Also Dino Brewster, Shorts, Television and Video Games Snidely Whiplash | Kung Fu Panda 3 deskthemepack is available for download in four color modes: Dark/Light theme, Dark skin, Light skin and Light/Dark theme. Fifi | Mass murderAbuse of powerIndirect regicide Ken | Megatron | Pharaoh Rameses | Kung Fu Panda 3 does not disappoint. The plan works at first and Po reaches Kai but when Po tries to use the Wuxi finger hold on Kai, nothing happens (even though it worked when Po used it on Tai Lung in the first movie) Kai tells Po that the Wuxi finger hold can only work on mortals, and that Kai is not a mortal but a spirit warrior. Kung fu panda 3 was just bare bones quality. The line "A thing or two" is a reference to the "Farmers" commercials that his voice actor appeared in. But when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Po must do the impossible-learn to train a village full of his fun-loving, clumsy brethren to become the ultimate band of Kung Fu Pandas. Tai Lung | Shrek Villains | Hotep and Huy | Po just makes fun of his talkativeness, which angered Kai and made him lunge at him. Le Frog | Mod Frogs (Jamack, Mrs. Satori | Oogway was fascinated by the power and the pandas taught him how to utilize it. The Mouse | Layton T. Montgomery | Humpty Alexander Dumpty | White Bone Demon Jade Tusk | Spike & Whitey | Ke-Pa | There he meets the overly eager Mei Mei, who has been promised an arranged marriage to Po. Connor Rooney | Also, the scary guy wasn't that scary - and was more funny. Captain Smek | This villain was proposed but was rejected by the community for not being heinous enough or lacks what is necessary to be a Pure Evil villain. ImmortalitySupernatural strengthSupernatural mobilityHigh invulnerabilityLimitless staminaLife-force stealingChi-based healingJade chain swordsJombies creationJombies psionicsMastery of martial artsHigh intelligenceOpprobriumStrategyLeadershipSwordsmanshipSuperior athleticismMilitaristic protocolIndomitable willpowerManipulationSkilled use of his two-bladed spearNecromancy Po utilized a chi-constructed dragon to cause major damage to Kai; when Po gave Kai all of the Chi Kai ever wanted, Kai became seemingly authoritative and all-powerful for a few seconds, before "dying" due to an excessive amount of Chi injected into his body. Fu-Xi | Kung Fu Panda 3 is the soundtrack of the film of the same name. Blayde | He also displayed great loyalty to those close to him, having carried Oogway for days on in until finally finding what was needed to save his life. Kung Fu Panda 2: Lord Shen | Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) Consume all of the Kung Fu masters' Chi (succeeded, until Po used his to destroy him).Exterminate all of the pandas.Kill Po and take his Chi.Take over the world with his army and power (all failed). He then approaches a defeated Shifu who says that Po will stop him in his plans. They were good friends and together they fought side by side, leading a great army into battle.One day, during an ambush, Oogway was badly wounded and Kai carried him for days, searching for help. The story doesn’t break any new ground for the series nor for it’s characters. It has nods to the Cultural Revolution and also European Pogroms as all the Pandas are killed off (except Po) Po finds inner peace by letting go of revenge. This is another great animated film for the entire family, that will surely delight people of all ages. Philip | Kung Fu Panda 3 Free. Sadistic Demon, High intelligenceControls the mindsDevours soulsImmortalitySuperhuman strength. While he is a vindictive and destructive warrior, he does occasionally spare a fair bit of humor, albeit being rather grim and menacing as well. Deion Hughes | Croco-bats | Judge Turpin | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Doom Syndicate (Psycho Delic) | Jonas Fogg | Unlike most villains in the franchise, the White Bone Demon lacks any redemptive or comedic qualities, which, coupled with her gruesome crimes, makes her one of the most disgusting villains in the franchise. Dietrich Banning | It's me talking through them, Kai!" One day, during an ambush, Oogway was gravely wounded, and Kai carried him for days, searching for help, until they came upon a secret panda village, where the pandas used the power of their chi to heal Oogway instantly. Red Death | Rock Trolls | Rapunzel | Attempted genocideBrainwashing/possessionTerrorismDestructionTreasonAbuse (of power and psychological)UsurpationSabotageTortureSlaveryUnlawful imprisonmentVandalismAttempted to take over the world. He hates to be interrupted when he is talking, as seen when he got very annoyed when Po wasn't willing to listen and continuously butted in with "chit-chat". Gallaxhar | Grimmel the Grisly | However, as a supernatural being, a supernatural force can and must be utilized to hurt him. Bland action and everything with the pandas was just ridiculous. Poachers (Madagascar) | D-Stroy | Tad Mulholand | When Mantis goes to help them, his chi is taken too. Kai is angered that Po has returned him to the Spirit Realm. The two animals are confused by who he is. Goldtrux | 500 years after his banishment to the Spirit Realm, Kai has grown much stronger in his power. Fung | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dean Gordon Pritchard | However, Kai says he doubts that and takes Shifu's chi while Tigress escapes to find Po. Shifu, shocked seeing an amulet of his former teacher, gives up his defense and Kai knocks him to the ground. Mantis and Po think it's the jombies talking till Kai tells them "Idiots! It is also implied that the reason for all of her terrible crimes lies in her sadism, since there is no background to her. He asks them where he is, and the goose answers his brother's farm. They obey, bring their friends to their new master and Kai steals Monkey and Viper's chi. Pitch Black | When Crane tries to fly away, Kai wraps the jade chains around the Crane, pulls him back in and takes his chi. Headless Horseman | Movies DuBois' Men | Goals Full Name Loading... Unsubscribe from Miguel Sant? Kung Fu Panda 3 Kai Theme Song Piano. Taotie | Therefore, this villain shall be added to our "Never Again List", where proposed villains rejected by the community shall be placed to prevent future proposals of the same evil-doer. Kai is described as a "supernatural villain", which indicates that he possesses supernatural powers. Find herself a new body.Kill the Emperor (succeeded).Plunge China into an age of darkness.Kill Po, his disciples and all those who oppose her (failed). Magnificent Music 4,957,984 views. MaleficAttempted genocideBrainwashing/possessionTerrorismDestructionTreasonAbuse (of power and psychological)UsurpationSabotageTortureSlaveryUnlawful imprisonmentVandalismAttempted to take over the world Dr. Zara | Kung Fu Panda 3, like the two franchise films preceding it, is a delightful, entertaining romp designed and written for both children and adults alike. Kung Fu Panda 3 Theme After two successful movies Po will be back next year with Kung Fu Panda 3, third installment in Kung Fu Panda animation martial arts film series. After a while, Kai arrives at the panda village and sees Po, who had been waiting for him. Big Black Jack Latimore | Hundun | Occupation Melvin Sneedly | Burnish | Another example is how Oogway used Chi to weaken Kai, even though Oogway willingly lost the fight. A soft rendering of the Father and Son Theme is humorously reminiscent of Leia’s theme from the Star Wars scores in its progression, and lovely woodwinds and elegiac strings top the cue off. Alias Origin Unable to stop it, the abundance of energy became so great that Kai exploded into a bright golden light, utterly wiping out Kai's spirit from existence upon its destruction by the very same power he sought to obtain. Prince Charming | He also has an advanced amount of supernatural strength, speed, stamina, and durability, as well as enhanced healing powers. Long ago, Kai was a fearsome, destructive, power-hungry and envious warrior who found a way to take chi from others, until Oogway banished him to the Spirit Realm for all eternity. Gladys Sharp | How to Train Your Dragon Villains | Fu-Xi | Megamind | Major Chip Hazard | The movie has great action for a martial arts animated movie, good dialogues, good emotions and a good villain in Lord Shen. Pharaoh Seti I | Socktopus | Eris | Galra Empire (Prince Lotor, Haggar, Sendak & Lotor's Generals) | Many years ago, Kai and Oogway fought together as brothers-in-arms, and were close friends. Earl Latimore | Bank Robbers | King Fossa | His theme was cool though After re-emerging back in the mortal world, Kai encounters a rabbit and goose, who are scared by him. Scalemagne | Talking Toilets | ARIIA | Shifu is about to deliver a punch to Kai when he sees Oogway under his neck. Professor Poopypants | Long ago, Kai was young and ambitious, but still honorable and courageous, fighting side-by-side with with his best friend and comrade, Oogway in defending China from her enemies. Boneknapper | Ay | Kai was bland also. Adolfo Pirelli | Powers/Skills Lidong | Shi Long, Video Games Egyptian Guard | Guy Gagné | Warlords | Melvinborg | DemonDukh Kai is a light gray anthropomorphic bull with glowing green eyes, long black hair, a helmet, two enormous horns that are shaped like flames and very thick, a green pendant of collected chi, a brown loincloth made of layerd leather, and muscular arms with brown bracers. It is the third and final film in the Kung Fu Panda franchise and the sequel to Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011). Kang Wolf (or simply Kang) is the main antagonist in the theme park attraction Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor's Quest. He was voiced by J.K. Simmons, who also played Terence Fletcher in Whiplash, Skip in Aliens in The Attic, J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, Cave Johnson in Portal 2, and Vernon Schillinger in the TV series Oz. The jade statues attack the Valley of Peace and fight against Po, Shifu and the Furious Five. Bad Po | Nana | The villain this time around is voiced perfectly by J.K. Simmons, and is motivated to collect the “Chi” of all the kung-fu masters. Hobby Victor Quartermaine | emotion and excitement when it needed but never too much. Sweeney Todd | Ms. Grunion | Kung Fu Panda: Tai Lung Scooter Skunks | He added that Kai is also extremely vengeful and treacherous, and a "bitter, bitter guy". However, Kai became extremely jealous, selfish and possessive, and wanted the power all for himself. Then Kai mentions he used to work with Oogawy, which delights the two animals. You can help Villains Wiki by expanding it. Eddie | Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny Roc | Dr. Blowhole | Decepticons (Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) | Deathgrippers | Indominus rex | Then he arrives there and prepares to take the chi of Po, Tigress and the other pandas. However, it’s a story well told. Kai | Kai is ancient, thus he is one of the oldest veterans of Kung Fu and also having skills that are far greater than the likes of almost every Kung Fu master in history. When Kai returns to Earth, he and his appetite for power and revenge has only grown stronger. Destroy Oogway's legacy (succeeded, until it was rebuilt).Consume all of the Kung Fu masters' Chi (succeeded, until Po used his to destroy him).Exterminate all of the pandas.Kill Po and take his Chi.Take over the world with his army and power (all failed). Kai then orders them to stop talking and takes his amulets off his back and throws them on the grass where they grow big and become the Kung Fu master Kai defeated in the spirit realm. Alias Theodore Murdsly | Origin Seeing this as the perfect opportunity for him to attack, Po then willingly infuses all his chi right into Kai. Pied Piper | After Kai has stolen Oogway's chi and turned the turtle into an amulet, he vows to defeat this other warrior and take his chi too, then uses Oogway's chi to return to the mortal world. Robert Turner | Kung Fu Panda: Tai Lung He's chained face down to the floor, and … It is composed by Hans Zimmer [3] and includes performances from renowned Asian musicians such as Chinese pianist Lang Lang , Chinese cellist Jian Wang , erhu musician Guo Gan , and Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou along with his apprentice Patrick Brasca , who both sing the film's theme song. In the spirit realm, he finds Oogway and challenges him to a rematch. Evil Queen | After absorbing the chi of someone, the victim in question is transformed into a small jade ornament that Kai wears on his belt, and when needed, he can summon these figures, turning them into jade, statue-like creatures, and see through their eyes. First Ones | Wallace and Gromit Villains, Movies The Princess And The Frog Original Fairy Tale. They then happened upon a secret village of pandas, who used their knowledge of chi to heal Oogway. He has also been seen wielding axe-like blades, indicating that he is extremely competent and skillful with multiple weapons. Ke-Pa | 3, in contrast, feels like a step backwards in almost every regard. There is currently little known about Kai's personality, though he is described as being an "evil spirit". Kai then asks them if they would die if he stepped on them. Willard Tweedy | Robot Probes | Spiny Mandrilla | The panda theme was adorable as pandas are cute animals. The Princess And The Frog Villain Song. Trending pages Tai Lung Gil Mars | Kai gains the upper hand in their fight and fights Po and kicks him back up to the village. Po then breaks free of the chains and forms his own chi in the shape of a dragon and fight back against Kai. Fairy Godmother | Occupation After Po and Li leave, Shifu sends Crane and Mantis to find Kai but warns them not to engage him. Animated Features George Armstrong Custer | Creek | Octopi | Constructicons/Devastator (Demolishor, Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapper & Scavenger) | Le Chuchoteur | Decepticons (Soundwave, Sideways, Grindor, Ravage, Alice & Scalpel) | Po tries to use the Wuxi Finger Hold technique on Kai, to no avail. Melisha Tweedy | Light Hope | When Po's long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters. Eugene Francis | However, Oogway feared Kai would somehow return to the mortal world and finish his evil plan and the only one could stop him would have to be a true master of chi. Kai knows he has returned to the mortal realm and shouts his return to the world. After spending the Spirit Realm for for five-hundred years, Kai and his appetite for power and revenge had only grown stronger. Francis E. Francis | Jack & Jill | The two of them fight and Oogway tells Kai he's grown stronger. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is a supernatural bull[1] who appears as Po's third archenemy and the former brother-in-arms of Master Oogway and (upon his return to the mortal realm) later becomes a powerful evil Spirit Warrior. Kung Fu Panda 3 director Jennifer Yuh Nelson says the villain of the latest entry in the franchise will be the most intimidating adversary Po has ever faced because of his supernatural powers. Sweeney Todd Villains | Larry Quinn | Skrap-It | Boris Badenov | After Po and his friends defeat the Jade minions, Kai sends a message through them, telling Po and his friends how their chi will soon be his. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) Plot. General Roth'h'ar Sarris | Commando Elite (Butch Meathook, Nick Nitro, Brick Bazooka, Vasquez & Gwendy Dolls) | The Splotch | Toro | File size - 7 MB Dave | The Fallen | Po's arc is also familiar territory, the Kung Fu Panda formula is in full effect by this point. Kung Fu Panda 3 is often funny, beautifully animated, and features great characters. Drago's Army (Muddy Bewilderbeast & Eret) | Makunga | Blue Latimore | After Po and the others learn about Kai and his plan through Oogway's scroll, and that the only way they can defeat Kai is if Po learns to channel chi himself, Po's birth father Li (who has arrived looking for his son) offers to take Po to the secret panda village and teach him. He also wears purple pants and a brown sash. General Kai (simply known as Kai), also known to all as "Kai the Collector", is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 32nd full-length animated feature film Kung Fu Panda 3. Thelonious | It has great animation, great music, and a great story. Kai then orders Crane and Mantis to bring Monkey and Viper to him. Crane and Mantis join with Master Bear, Master Croc and Master Chicken to confront Kai, but one by one Bear, Croc and Chicken are all easily defeated and have their chi stolen. Kung Fu Panda Villains Miguel Sant. Kai orders his minions to capture Po and the others and then throws into the air and whack towards Po with the Jade Blade, but the pandas manage to fight back as Po has taught them Kung Fu. Lord Shen | His scheme is to defeat every Kung Fu master and become all powerful. He then fights Po and gained the upper hand over him again. Images and videos of the evil spirit known as Kai the Collector from the 2016 DreamWorks film Kung Fu Panda 3. The panda theme was adorable as pandas are cute animals. The duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters, but Po finds that he doesn`t fit in his new surroundings. Kung Fu Panda 3: Kai the Collector, Television After Po drags Kai with the other blade and smashes him against rocks, Kai tells Po that he will have the panda's chi even if it will take him another 500 years. Chef | Goon Leader | This page lists all characters in the Kung Fu Panda series who have shown to be villainous in some way, such as intentionally fighting against a hero. James Hook | It's not them talking!, There is a possibility that Kai was partially based on the. Mei Ling, Dr. Wily has declared that this article is still. Jindiao | Story wise, Kung-Fu Panda 3 does not break any new ground and it is significantly similar to the first two movies. J.K. Simmons is going into beast mode in Kung Fu Panda 3.. USA TODAY reveals that Simmons will be voicing the villainous bull Kai in Panda 3 (opening Jan. 29, … Bloodwolf | The most surprising aspect about the score Kung Fu Panda 3 is its overt downplaying of the stylised writing that Powell would normally contribute. Queen Barb | As Kai turns Oogway into amulet, Oogway tells Kai it was never his mission to stop him and that he has somebody else on that path. This is so they can distract Kai while Po gets close enough to Kai so that he can use the Wuxi finger hold on him and send him back to the spirit realm. Despite this, he seemed shocked that Oogway chose to stand in his way, indicating that he probably expected Oogway to join him in his conquest, but had no qualms with having to fight him when he did. Madagascar Villains | Kung Fu Panda 2 has the villain peacock Lord Shen who is a megalomaniac and leader of an Industrial revolution fro weapons manufacture. Fung | Julian Assange | Reggaeton Trolls | Ocean Entity | Crimes Theodore Galloway | Punch Monkeys, Live-Action Movies Shi Long, Video Games Nightmares | Lidong | When we first meet the villain of Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung, he's locked away in constant solitary confinement. Bian Zao | Lola | Disgruntled | The film is a direct sequel to Kung Fu Panda 2 which was released in 2011 and scheduled to be release in January 2016. Afterwards, he wraps his chains around a giant Oogway statue, rips off its stand and hurls it at the Jade Palace and destroys it. Fat Barry | Mao Ren | Though the two are nearly equal in skill and power, Oogway soon realizes he can't defeat Kai and willingly allows him to take his chi. Po and Kai arrive in the Spirit Realm. Rumpelstiltskin | Fossas | Lord Shen's Wolf Army (Boss Wolf) | Evil-doer Genus | Dwayne LaFontant | In 2016, one of the most successful animated franchises in the world returns with its biggest comedy adventure yet, KUNG FU PANDA 3.

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