black and blue jig trailer

black and blue jig trailer

For swim jigs, I fish 3 combos. I want it to flair out and I want to make sure the bass sees and feels my trailer. Tackle/Equipment. That means I want my colors to compliment one another or at least blend into each other, and I want them to look natural. My personal preferences come from LurePartsOnline, and they’re almost always 4 inches long. Yet, if you throw it in the wrong conditions you won’t even get a sniff. Every bass Monsoor weighed-in fell for a black and blue jig with a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog trailer. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . LOT OF 2 JARS Uncle Josh #1 Jumbo Pork Frog FISHING LURE JIG TRAILER UNOPENED ... Free shipping. Such an awesome duuu! I mainly use it as a flip and pitch bait.” Such an awesome duuu! I can’t offer any advice about that because I’ve never fished a swim jig without one. Pitch a 3/8-ounce black-and-blue jig with a big chunk trailer to these targets; it’ll float down slowly instead of plummeting down and wedging between the rocks as a heavier jig would. I've caught my personal biggest bass off of it in dirtier water and some in a little more clearer water. They show action and move water so they’re good for slightly stained water and rough weather. From: Nicoh: Jasper, Fl 2/17/17. Was: $60.00. share. I want it to flair out and I want to make sure the bass sees and feels my trailer. If any of you have experience doing that, please post them and educate me. 18 comments. I've mixed black and blue jigs with green trailers and have done very well with that combination. Skips well, and is equally good as a jig trailer or by itself. Action is great and they get bit plain and simple. On my rod, I threw a one-ounce jig with a white, double-tailed trailer. Tackle/Equipment. I split the tail so the claws move slightly on the bottom like a crawfish. Everyone knows a black and blue jig with a black and blue craw trailer is a great color for bass fishing. According to local intel, ling cod and small halibut were possible from shore. Luckily we had a trolling motor to help us with positioning the row boat. Boot tails are popular, too. Green Pumpkin Takes the W! Go to Instagram and follow seasoned_outdoors. $10.19. 4 watching. “It really moves a lot of water. $45.00. There are uncountable numbers of each on the market. The focus on Falls Lake was a pond where bass were pulling up to spawn. This jig is great for a smaller presentation and still catches decent fish. Hey guys!After exploring that random river, I finally met up with my cousin KOU. These super chunks are … Trailer color, though, isn't as important as some suggesst. These trailers offer more than enough of vibration, which allows fish to track them better in the warmer water. Excellent choice for flipping cover as a jig trailer as well as finesse fishing. Fish Fishing Lures Lot 30 43 101 pcs Mixed Crankbaits Hooks Minnow Baits Tackle. In clear lakes, cast a 3/4-ounce green pumpkin football jig to long points accessing potential spawning coves. Pick whichever one you like in each group. Most of my fish were caught using the watermelon jig with a baby craw trailer on the bottom. I either match the trailer color with something similar in color, either a craw or swimbait, but sometimes a green pumpkin trailer on black and blue works really well. Free shipping . The fish were spawning around them, that’s what they like to do in Florida,” said Lee. They have a hard, recurring thump so they work well with aggressive bass or when you want to put some noise with your bait. He took me to his favorite lake and man such … My fish can see the lure long before they bite it. Curly tails are probably one of the most common trailers, and for good reason. Free shipping . What makes Monsoor so good with a swim jig that he can beat a full field of professional anglers with a single lure – and the oldest, simplest lure of all at that? But, I don’t have all the answers. $8.26. When fished texas jig style with no skirt the fish tend to be on the smaller side. Definitely legendary in my book. Big thanks to KOU for showing me around!Hope you guys enjoy! Cover type, water temperature; even my targeted specie impacts things. But, before I get into detail, let's take a trip down memory lane. Another last thing is the idea of not using a trailer. We've recently had a cold front the past week or so thus we didn't generate as much bites as we wanted.We were able to hook up some decent fish but this is a lake I definitely have to come back to! I always trim the skirt back to the bend in the hook. In my area for instance, a black and blue jig and a chartreuse trailer has gained popularity over the years particularly on the river systems. Be unique with your jig and trailer … Or Junebug which is similar. Shad, green pumpkin and black-and-blue are my first picks. That’s now in some parts of the country and not too far off everywhere else. That seems about right for most situations. Details about New And Used Black/Blue Jig Trailers Fishing Lure Lot. in Black and Blue. save. I buy them in Green Pumpkin, Black/Blue Fleck, PBJ, and this color, whatever the hell it was called (can't see it while I am writing the review). Because I fish them so much I get a lot of questions about them. 56. For cold water and tough situations, this is a great choice. Also it was super WINDY! These Pig Trailers are impregnated with Salt, Scent and Attractants for bass tournament fishing. Thank you all again for watching!ARSENAL:ROD: Shimano Expride 7'2 HREEL: Shimano Exsence DCLURE: Lunkerhunt Frog (leg-less) \u0026 Molix Supernato BeetleLINE: PowerPro Braid 50lbROD: 13 Fishing Crank Rod 7'0REEL: 13 Fishing Concept C 7.1LURE: Whopper Plopper \u0026 Lucky Craft Flat CrankbaitLINE: PowerPro Braid 50 lb with 15lb Fluoro LeaderROD: Shimano Zodias 6'10 MHREEL: Shimano Scorpion 8.1LURE: Black \u0026 Blue Swim Jig with Havoc TrailerLINE: Gander Mountain 15lb Fluoro This listing is for one 10 count of 3.5 inch SUPER JIG CHUNKS in BLACK with BLUE Glitter. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Bassmaster College Series 2021 regular-season stops announced, Elite 2020 schedule is as good as it gets. Shad, green pumpkin and black-and-blue are my first picks. Not sure if it's better by itself flipping or as a jig trailer. Only 1 left! I always rig my curly tails with the curve and tail up. Posted by phelpsy80 on February 13. The best time to use a black & blue jig with a black soft-plastic craw is in dirty, muddy water. Favorite colors are the basic green pumpkin and black blue. report. When they tear up on a texas rig slide it on a jig for some prolonged usage. Photo: Mark Hicks. Posted by 9 hours ago. It’s a rare day when I launch my boat without a swim jig on the front deck rigged and at the ready.

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