best rep range for leg growth

best rep range for leg growth

Higher rep ranges get you more tone 7. I never feel like I’m doing enough since I’m able to train legs once a week. The reason I’m harping on this so much is that this was the time when I really started to see massive leg growth! This technique is based on the German Volume Training style. Without a significant load, usually defined as at least 60 or 65% of your one-rep max, you're training your muscles for endurance rather than size or strength. Yes, the medium range (6-12) had a slight edge, but you can still build muscle efficiently in the low (1-5) and high (12+) rep ranges. However, you don’t have to pick just one rep range. The same goes for rear delt flyes, chest flyes, rope pushdowns, calf raises, leg raises, etc, etc. What is the Best Rep Range Overall? Do Exercises for the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Glutes. Lower rep ranges make you bulky 2. You can do 5 reps, you can do 20 reps, you can do 200 reps. Just make it your goal next time around to beat the number of reps from your previous attempt. 20-rep sets pertain to leg day. Most dont go heavy enough, nor use enough reps. Lower rep ranges are only for bodybuilders and power lifters 3. Reminds me, I forgot to mention that I’ll toss in a black widow set of 20 on those squats at the end too, for a mad blood pump. More specifically TUT, or TUL. They are an excellent … Leg Curl: 1-8. If you haven’t done high reps for legs, I encourage you to try it for your next leg workout. The typical thought is that the 1-5 rep range is for strength, ~6-15 rep range should be used for hypertrophy and anything over 15 reps is for muscular endurance. I got stronger in the sense that I would move up in how much I could squat. The reason that this rep range is so effective for building muscle is because it does a little bit a everything. Excerpt taken from: “Joes Encyclopedia of Modern Day Bodybuilding”. And think of the fact that you’re doing 100 reps for an exercise (10 x 10 for those mathematically challenged!). I’m talking rep ranges for compund lifts mostly like squats and front squats and deads, but feel free to throw in ranges youve used for more isolation type work. Thats the trouble with legs… you load up the bar, say 25… and it feels heavy… you squat and with a breath or 3 you can do 20-25 reps with what was supposed to be a 10RM! The medium rep range (5-12) seems to be the most effective and efficient rep range to use. The other 15% can be made up of any other rep range. If you have been doing 5 or 6 reps for a couple months, then its probably time to go 10 to 12 reps for a couple months. Lots of heavy ass lifting a bunch of times. More specifically what rep ranges have you found to be most effective for growth of your quads, and what rep ranges have worked the best for growth of your hamstrings. Most studies out there show very similar gains in muscle size across a variety of rep ranges. I love to do lots of legcurls and i am in the process of finding the correct place where i could do some GHR’s. Your legs are comprised of several large … I experienced great results with squats, lunges, leg presses and leg … (sorry compound crew…). In my younger years, I remember trying to squat heavy. I like 10-12 and the odd 15 rep squats or 5 rep squats to switch things up[/quote]. THE MUSCLE PROGRAM, all rights reserved. And you’ll get a tremendous leg pump! You can read more about that program here: Lean Muscle Building Program. For muscle growth it’s becoming more and more clear that you can grow very well in all rep ranges. The Real Reason 6-12 Reps is Best . Now let me take you an extremely familiar scene in the gym…. I think there’s no surprise that barbell squats are in here. I’m talking rep ranges for compund lifts mostly like squats and front squats and deads, but feel free to throw in ranges youve used for more isolation type work. There’s no massive development or shape to their legs. It’s a combination of them all. The higher reps seem to work best for most—even Ronnie Coleman, who is massive, advocates 10 to 12 reps for legs and shoulders. It is all well for most muscle groups, but not for calves. Thanks. I used with great success a rotating set/rep protocol. The Best Rep Range For Muscle Growth: Shedding Light On A Controversial Subject As the heading of this article suggests, this is one very controversial subject I am about to jump into. What rep ranges have you found your legs grow best with. 1. More fatigue and a greater extent of waste products are produced when training in this rep range. I suspect if you did a scientific test on what causes the most growth (assuming no preference is made for sarcomere hypertrophy or sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) I suspect it would be somewhere around 15-20. ya, higher reps really fucking hurt, but they work. Exercise 4: Lean-Away Dumbbell Lateral Raise Next, we’re going to move onto lateral raises to now prioritize the side delts. this allows me to do high reps which ALWAYS works for me with calves, and also high weight too. 3X6 ea, and 3X10-15 respectively. The legs grew very well, best results ever. I would think the aforementioned range would work well for hammys too though. Before I write this, please understand that I’m an advocate for lifting heavy weights with lower rep ranges to build size, strength, and dense muscle mass. If you're training for muscle size, choose a weight at which you reach muscle failure in the 8-12-rep range. It needs pushing to the max is all…, Quads Lower reps made my ass and upper thighs large, but the quads over the knee grew very little. One thing that we do know based on research and decades of anecdotal reports from bodybuilders is that rep ranges of about 8-12 reps per set seem to be the sweet spot for building muscle. But it’s usually around the 20’ish rep range. mine exploded when i had to do 20 rep squat while dc training. Higher rep ranges will burn more fat That's been proven many times. I’m talking rep ranges for compund lifts mostly like squats and front squats and deads, but feel free to throw in ranges youve used for more isolation type work. This simple technique develops both the size and shape of your legs, especially that teardrop in your quads. I do believe in doing heavy squats, and you should, in fact, start your workout with these. Over my years (or I should say decades!) [quote]tremad12 wrote: And I’m a huge fan of training legs twice a week. This simple technique develops both the size and shape of your legs, especially that teardrop in your quads. Reps of 6 or less also seem to be best for building strength. And after you read this post, go do one of these workouts and leave a comment to let me know what you think! Another thing to try is Load 135 on the bar and see how many reps you can get in 5 minutes. And a powerful pre-workout drink like 4 Gauge will also help. Soleus i am not working a the moment due to a small tear, also i have big big calves and i want to concentrate on the gastroc rather than the soleus, but simply 3-4 sets of 12-25 with decent weight works well for my soleus. But i am struggling with Hammies. Each week I either add some weight to the 5 reps or 15 reps, depending on how I feel. Barbell Back Squat. Yet for some … Also nice to slam em with a 50 rep pump set too here and there for some nice additional hypertrophy gains. This is a great way to warm up those quads and get your blood pumping. SLD: 1-18 However, I’ve found that training legs require a different approach. “How many reps should you do to build muscle” or whether you should train with “high reps vs low reps to build muscle” is a common question I get asked. As for calves i have seen my greatest growth from sets of 100 BW raises years ago, and today i do 4 sets of 3 DC style rest/pause technique… so, 160lbs x 20+10+6=36reps (with 10 secs in between Rest/pause. So yeah, it’s time for you to get excited! Look at athletes who do a lot of reps of anything, and you rarely see a lot of size in the muscles that do the high-rep work – unless it's size that was built in the weight ro… but still… they dont “explode”. In this workout, you’ll do some 12-rep set squats and follow that up with even higher reps on leg press. First of all, keep in mind that you CAN gain muscle with just about any rep range. FSQ: 1-6 I have to agree with the past few posts in that the best stumulus is what you’re currently not doing. Do more sets and cut your rest time to get the same conditioning benefits while maintaining quality. My quads grew like weeds when on a 30-rep squat (2x per week) cycle. Squats 3 sets of 15 with 225 (for now). On that note, make sure you’re rested and have the energy to plow through these. This rep range is typically defined as the 6-12 rep range. Over my years (or I should say decades!) That’s all you really need to worry about. Copyright 2020 DL: 1-8 What are my typical recommendations for rep ranges for muscle growth? ohh and hamstring curls for 3 sets of 8 progressive weight. More specifically what rep ranges have you found to be most effective for growth of your quads, and what rep ranges have worked the best for growth of your hamstrings. We have all been told the best rep range for muscle growth is 8-12 reps per set. Whatever you do, don’t take the bar off of your back for the full 5 minutes. I get great vascularity in my thighs when I start off with a set of leg extensions with a pause during full contraction, followed immediately by a set of narrow stance back squats. But after your heavy sets of squats, it’s time to kill the rest of your workout with high reps. Before we get into the high rep leg workouts, I want to learn the benefits of training legs with high reps. There is no perfect set/rep range. I like 10-12 and the odd 15 rep squats or 5 rep squats to switch things up, 10-15 but it’s tension that grows muscles, not rep ranges, weights, or anything else, [quote]bmitch wrote: Get ready! I have done Romanian DL for years, and gone high (20) rep and low (6) rep, (one can handle a lot of weight on that move!) Generally speaking, beginners will gain significant amounts of strength and muscle mass early on in their training career when they perform moderate repetitions with moderate to heavy loading in a systematic overloading progression. Then I saw in your March ’10 column, “New Size for Skinny Guys,” that you think six to eight is best. Use Higher Reps The rule of thumb for gaining size is to use a rep range of 8-12. If you had to pick a single rep range to work at to optimize the growth response, it would be 5-8 reps per set. Accessory stuff consisted of step ups, and some leg ext. of bodybuilding and weight training, I’ve found that doing high reps for legs literary works like magic for building huge quads and hamstrings. As one fitness author once stated. You’re also going to get 3 different leg workouts using high reps that you can try. For these moderate rep ranges I typically use 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. This is simply not the case. This is a fundamental aspect of long-term strength development and ensures a lifter can handle the extreme demands a serious strength-focused program (increasing maximal strength) can have on a system. Hams I’ve always used the higher range of 3X10-12. This will build your foundation of strength, size, and power. Simply put, type-2 fibers are where the potential for growth resides, and they respond only to heavy weights at least 75 percent of your one-rep max. A group of 15 young men was asked to perform the leg extension exercise under different repetition ranges. I’d like to ask about rep ranges for hypertrophy and strength. The Finisher: 20+ Reps Now while a combination of both heavy loads and moderate rep ranges can often be enough to stimulate some significant muscle growth, there is one other thing we can do to seriously maximise our ability to build some leg size. Some Sarcoplasmic with little Myofibral and Sarcomere Hypertrophy occur in rep ranges of 10-15. But that wasn’t the original context of my weird hypothetical. And for this exercise, we’ll use moderately heavy weight for a rep range of 8-12 reps per set. Lower rep ranges will make you less flexible 6. More specifically what rep ranges have you found to be most effective for growth of your quads, and what rep ranges have worked the best for growth of your hamstrings. Do you do any specific exercises to bring out the muscle separation and definition in your legs? In other words, after your warm-up sets—which are never taken to failure—you should select a load with which you can complete at least 8 reps but not more than 12. of bodybuilding and weight training, I’ve found that doing high reps for legs literary works like magic for building huge quads and hamstrings. By Radu Antoniu | August 1, 2015 | 18 . Also what rep ranges have you found work best for the gastoc and soleus, I can’t remember which one works better with higher reps. As soon as I increased my rep ranges, I noticed a rounder, fuller look to my legs. Researchers compared the active protein synthesis response between the following: It’s probably obvious that these are also high volume workouts. *This works as a great second leg workout for the week. What rep ranges have you found your legs grow best with. HGR: 1-18 Weight Training. But it’s the overall reps in the workout that counts here. High reps for legs doesn’t necessarily mean going light. Box squats/front squats. And at times I’ll go higher, like 25-30 reps. More Than 15 Reps Capillary density increases with little Sarcoplasmic growth with rep ranges above 15. That said, the below guidelines can generally be used for athletes who have spen… [quote]Nominal Prospect wrote: Recently i have gone to 10x10 with my 8RM… we’ll see how it goes. Moderate rep ranges have consistently been proven in study after study to lead to the greatest amount of growth. DL I like to do either 135lbs for sets of 15-20 for a whole body tie-in effect. Staying on one exercise for 10 sets will allow you to plow through your workout even faster. Leg Workout Q and A- Exercises, Rep Ranges, Growth and Definition. If you have been going 10 to 12 reps for a couple months, then its time to go 5 or 6 reps for a while. Basically, most people should probably be doing the opposite rep range of what they are currently doing. Heavy squats will also naturally boost your testosterone. Core taining etc… but i love to go max effort on DL… regularly. When someone asks a question which is better for growth, 4-6 rep ranges or 12-15 rep ranges but doesn’t mention tempo the question is impossible to answer. 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Good luck, I’m going back to hammering my quads and hams this way again after jacking up a delt, and having some extra “space” around for the other bodyparts without chest/pressing to worry about. Lower rep ranges will make your butt and legs bigger 4. Research has shown that high repetition ranges are ideal for protein synthesis and muscle growth but not for the long term. To get the most out of your workouts, you need to make sure your testosterone levels are elevated, and that you have the right nutrients to recover from those hard workouts. All rep ranges work – for a time. 12 is the absolute minimum. From a science standpoint, there's actually not a lot that we know about muscle growth. what is the best range for building leg muscles?....ive done madcows a while and im considering doing sets across 5x5.....but a trainer told me something like 5 sets starting w/12 reps , then 10,8,6,4,2 will work great.....just tryin to get some ideas or what u guys hav etried that works really well ? Of course, most leg workouts are a mix of exercises for both quads and hamstrings. I have seen the best results in my vastum medialis (Teardrop) since raising my heels and going ATG. A common misconception is you can perform certain exercises or rep ranges to increase your definition and visible muscle separation. Best Rep Range for Muscle Growth – How heavy should you train? Thanks. Have you ever noticed that there are many guys who will load up the leg press with as any 45 lbs plates that will fit? Also what rep ranges have you found work best for the gastoc and soleus, I can’t remember which one works better with higher reps. TestoFuel gives you both, helping you get stronger, leaner, and build more dense muscle. Instead of lifting heavy for sets of 6–8 reps like I did for the first 10 years of my career, I decided 15–20 reps was the way to go. Let’s clear the air on one thing. 31/2 plates a side is good for me for a couple reps. My quads are growing nicely, and i intend to get them upto a large, round shape that will complete me more. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is supersetting. I have great calves and i attribute it to 3 things, When I say high reps, I mean anywhere from 12 to 20 reps per set. I did not include squats in this particular workout as the focus is on quickly getting in and out of the gym, and hitting a massive amount of reps. Another thing you’ll notice is 10 x 10 (10 sets of 10 reps). Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. 1/ Trainin them from 14 yrs old. Start with the first workout I gave you above called High Rep Leg Workout. You’ll love this high rep leg workout if you’re short on time. So that’s why my personal high rep range goes up to 20. In other words, different rep ranges caused very little difference in muscle growth. now i have stretchmarks on my quad running from my groin to the top of my knee haha. BSQ: 10-20 i think for most people, high volume usually leads to an increase in leg size faster. Do steroids affect the rep range for growth? 2/ Training them with high high reps till i cannot stand on them. My hams ahve grown though and i must admit, mostly from the lying(angled)leg curl! So, first of all, we do have some evidence showing that lower-rep sets don’t stimulate as much muscle growth: In this study, the participants lifting 2–6 reps needed to do 24 sets of the squat and bench press to build as much muscle as the participants doing 8–12 reps for just 13 sets. [/quote]. If you read a mainstream bodybuilding magazine, you will see that nearly every program recommends training in a moderate rep range around 6-12 or 8-15 reps for muscle hypertrophy. Best Rep Range for Muscle Growth. Leg Press: 20+, Hams And I’m sure you also noticed that the majority of these people have mediocre legs, at best. 180lbs x 10+5+3=18reps ( " " ) You know the arguments against doing high-rep training for size, no matter what muscle groups we're talking about. If I had to pick a single “best” rep range for building muscle, it would be 5-15. Let me back it up before I get crucified…there is an exception for squats (in my opinion). And in this post, I’m going to share why I do high reps for legs. Keep the rep range in the same area, and just add volume to your workout. I have had great results with 3 sets of back squats, 12RMx20, 10RMx16 8RMx12 Breathing sets. Now, I mix the two training philosophies. Squats 3 sets of 5 reps with 315(for now) 3/ Stretching the muscle vigorously during and after work. Most of my leg workouts start with leg extensions, and these should be super light. Take it for what it’s worth, Its worked so far for me, and each leg workout feels like I’ve drained myself. It should only take you about 30 minutes to complete. 4X6,5X5,6X4,8X3 (alternating week to week). But the size of my legs never matched the amount of weight I could squat. With this style of training, keeping it to one timed set followed by a couple of assistance exercises should be sufficient. Around 85% of your training should be within this moderate intensity loading zone. What rep ranges have you found your legs grow best with. Good Morning’s: 1-18 In fact, when you’re done with this post, read my post: Training Legs Twice a Week: How to Build Bigger Legs. A good rule of thumb is to work isolation movements in a slightly higher rep range than you use for your compound movements. Here’s what you can expect from training your legs with higher reps: Now I’m going to give you 3 high rep leg workouts you can do. Now, I know I said earlier that high reps start with 12 or more. A while back I wrote a post demonstrating how while the general consensus has always been that a 8 – 12 rep range is “best” if you’re trying to build muscle, the reality is that there is NO best rep range for muscle growth.. 12 reps at 101 tempo = 24 seconds TUT while 6 reps at 505 tempo = 60 seconds TUT. This is based on one of my programs that focuses on getting lean and strong. Don’t get caught up in a perfect set/rep range. Your legs, especially quads, have more slow-twitch muscle fibers which typically respond better to higher reps. You may be wondering where the squats are. Granted, you’re not loading up the usual amount of 45’s or doing the whole stack, but you still need to pick a challenging weight. From there, it’s the basic extensions and curls, but not so basic with the extreme rep ranges. Real hard, but great results in quads. But in this workout, you’ll be alternating these exercises with supersets. Part of that is because of the crappy range of motion most use, specifically on the leg press machine. If your doing them right ass and hamstrings will be sore with very little quad soreness next day. Not one rep range works.

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