northern honey bees for sale

northern honey bees for sale

Mated Queens and Queen Cells for Sale. Koehnen queens are usually available April through June or July, depending upon the season. Kernersville, NC 27284; Phone: (336) 497-4310 Email: Working Days/Hours: Mon thru Fri - 9:00am - 5:00pm Sat - Call for Availability | … We have two types of queen, the Cordovan Italian and the Carniolan. Email Bees that are already sick take extremely talented beekeepers to fix, even then some may just be doomed to failure. ... 2021 Minnesota Live Italian Carniolan Saskatraz Honey Bees For Sale In Minnesota Free Shipping. Find them on Facebook. The balance is due in cash at pickup. Adopt A Hive. Westfield Pickup prices1-5 queens $35 ea.6-25 queens $32 ea.Discounts for 25+ availableUsps Priority shipping1-5 queens shipped at $35 ea plus $8 priority box6-25 queens shipped at $32 ea plus priority shipping fees(approx $30 depending on location)Discounts available for $25 + shipped queens. Weekly Blog Posts Our queen supplies, such as the California Mini Queencage, are available year-round, and produced here at our headquarters. We Are Hiring Sales Associates and Brand Ambassadors! All queens are mated and healthy when they leave our possession. //

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