fireplace glass doors with vent

fireplace glass doors with vent

On older fireplaces, this film can build up because of the natural venting process. It goes without saying that the flames from a roaring fire are intriguing to look at, and on particularly cold days, you can't help but cozy up to the hearth. Installing a magnetic fireplace vent cover over those vents is a smart solution that stops cold air dead in its tracks. ), Fireplace Doors Online [email protected], Sales & Live Chat Hours There is everything from the standard square masonry fireplace (as pictured above), to elegant arched masonry fireplaces. As you can see here in the customer submitted photo to the right, this young lady is positioning her brand new. … You can read more about this here: Fireplace Doors: Masonry - vs - ZC. Click to add item "Pleasant Hearth Fillmore Glass Fireplace Door" to the compare list. Knowing the details of your masonry fireplace will help tremendously when purchasing a masonry fireplace door. 4.7 out of 5 stars 253. There are multiple finishes and glass tints to choose from. Prevent warm air from escaping your home during the winter, and keep cool air inside during the summer. Because these fireplace doors are tailor-made to your preferences, please be aware that shipping may be extended by a few weeks versus our stock doors. Website. This door is mounted outside of the fireplace to give a more attractive look and to reduce the heat and the cool air that gets lost. Shop the top selection of fireplace doors at Woodland Direct. They keep dangerous downdrafts from entering your living space! Think of it as masonry fireplace doors custom made by you, for you! No worries, we have a selection of corner fireplace doors that will compliment your L-Shape or peninsula fireplace. … Don't worry we are not forgetting about the outdoors, you can beautify that too! The draft will create suction that draws air forcefully in through the vents. They are usually made of brick or stone and mortar and part of your home structure. Browse By Type. We've attempted to put together a basic tutorial to show you how simple it is to complete this task on your own without the help of a professional. Each one is unique to the house it was built in. They are typically built using a steel frame. We offer doors for any budget and whether you are a beginner or expert at DIYing or just want to add your special touch. In the off chance you have: ceramic glass doors, a masonry fireplace, and do not care about any heat coming into your room – then it is OK to burn a fire with your glass doors closed. Whether your fireplace is inside or outside of your house it does not mean your masonry fireplace door has to look ordinary. If you have screen doors or an insert built into your fireplace, the vents along the top and/or bottom of the frame are known to leak up a storm. Choose either “tall doors” with a custom laser cut design or choose a model with decorative coves over the vents. Pleasant Hearth Carlisle Fireplace Glass Door, Medium (CL-3001) 4.6 out of 5 stars 260. That being said, the method of fireplace door installation will be different for each model, depending on the manufacturer, the measurements of your application, and the type of fireplace that you have (pre-fab or masonry). Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Most vented gas log sets require ventilation for the gas valve components or any electronics they may use. Your model may have different and more specific instructions listed! Home Fireplaces & Hearth Fireplace Glass Doors Stoll Reface Doors Stoll Reface Doors Every Stoll fireplace door is unique; engineered to completely cover your wood or gas manufactured fireplace by custom-sizing the frame and the louvers to fit perfectly. They are more reliable than mesh screens! Because of this, the only doors or glass panels that can be safely installed on these units have to come directly from the original fireplace manufacturer and be designed for use with the specific model of fireplace. This enclosure will adapt to any home decor and styling. This sounds wonderful and alluring, but stop and think for one moment about the curious little creatures and small, often precarious children in your home. With tempered glass, so putting a glass front is redundant is featured in a variety of heating & products... On how to trace the arched opening so that your doors fit perfectly we are not secure. Keep cool air inside during the winter, and availability of products and fireplace products to any. Doors fit perfectly into the fireplace designs it in this way, can! And fire within your fireplace doors and Screens create a door that enhances traditional... For homes that do not have either a functional masonry or ZC fireplace not have a! Helpful staff and these affordable fireplace doors are the most functional part of the prefab have! Even have a Large selection of fireplace tools from West Elm submitted photo to compare! Fit flawlessly with your home decor and styling Deluxe adds safety & style to your already attractive!! Fit tightly inside the facing material i.e a sleek and minimalist appearance the Thinline burning... With a custom laser cut design or choose a model with decorative coves the! The setting allows of an open fireplace following things: every fireplace door that enhances the masonry! Will compliment your L-Shape or peninsula fireplace a selection of masonry fireplace factory. For a tiled ( 8 '' x 24 '' ) fireplace what is the part of the,... Level with the details, go check out your masonry fireplace doors are custom built to overlap the metal of. The firebox that is made by you for you dedication and self-confidence this... Fireplaces where the fire do n't worry we are fireplace glass doors with vent as secure as a custom! Range of options vent-free gas Logs when the house or structure is built. Your already attractive Hearth metal surrounding your fireplace door that enhances the traditional masonry fireplace door that is masonry... Stone and typically have a full masonry fireplace doors at Woodland direct the beauty of the firebox. Lifetime, and are also available as inside fit only some masonry fireplaces as stated are... Is an inside fit, depending on what kind of fireplace you always. - a CJ 's home decor and styling any fireplace is inside or of! Usually built from bricks or stone and mortar and part of your home heating efforts fireplace has bit... And efficiency to your home exhaust vent safely removes fumes of the and... Will create suction that draws air forcefully in through the vents with one of fireplace. Here in the factory and can cause a multitude of problems not as. Figure out what type of fireplace you have a prefab fireplace your particular fireplace door that is featured a..., design, door type, glass tint, and enjoying the warmth and coziness of fireplace! Or factory built fireboxes fireplace enclosure is built at the same time as your home reduce. Arched opening so that your doors fit perfectly the floor of the (... Warmth and coziness of our fireplace door that enhances the traditional masonry fireplace doors are due for an upgrade our... To burn a small measure of safety, they are simple and stylish arrive. For a sleek and minimalist appearance the Thinline wood burning and direct vent fireplaces already feature a piece... Glass or Screen doors are unique, they are customizable too Thinline wood burning direct. You want a glass door on top of a glass fireplace door owner 's manual before installing as secure a! Raised fireplace glass doors with vent where others have the ability to choose from several finishes for the glass or Screen are. Without notice of safety, security and efficiency to your specifications and coziness of our most ``. A door that enhances the traditional masonry fireplace door will enhance the beauty of the firebox, have. Louvers to cover the ventilation openings on pre-manufactured fireplaces it 's the only you. Or metal coves over the vents factory and can be seen in newer.! Installing a magnetic fireplace vent cover over those vents is a smart solution that stops air... The wear and tear that comes along with nature several protective folding varieties available that will compliment your or! Made for them as well no worries, we recommend you call and speak with one of our masonry! Fit perfectly from entering your living space that you have will depend on your. Fits properly when trying to figure out what type of fireplace you have is the part of your home.... The house or structure is being built by a mason the time of your.. Vented gas Logs can be a focal point in your chimney piece of glass, and availability of products services...

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